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Get the Right Hearing Aid with Our Custom Hearing Instruments

Absolute Hearing Aid Center also carries custom hearing aid instruments beyond the common RITE and RIC types.


IIC, or invisible-in-the-canal style, is about the size of a raspberry and ideal for those who want hearing aids that cannot be seen. After taking an impression of your ear canal, the impression is then turned into a 3-D computerized rendering and the hearing aid is virtually positioned to create the smallest product possible. These are completely custom fit to the patient’s ears.


BTE, or behind-the-ear style, has been around for some time. This hearing aid type from Absolute Hearing Aid Center matches flesh or hair color to be hidden easily. These can be worn comfortably by almost anyone and work for the entire spectrum of hearing loss. They are affordable and adaptable for most lifestyles.


MIC, or microphone-in-concha style, is designed to disappear and provide very natural sound. This hearing aid hides in your ear canal and the microphone is a separate component worn in the concha (the curved groove) of your external ear, where it remains out of sight. Great for people who spend time outdoors, it protects from wind noise.


CIC, or completely-in-canal style, is another tiny version of a hearing aid which is invisible from the outside. Absolute Hearing Aid Center makes these custom crafted hearing aids which are most effective in treating mild to moderate hearing loss.


ITC, or in-the-canal style, is based on an impression of the ear canal and surrounding area. Slightly larger, but still cosmetically appealing, the components are inside a lightweight plastic shell. This is a great option for easy push button controls.


ITE Style fully fills the opening in the outer ear. This is the best choice for more severe hearing losses and the batteries last longer, making them more user-friendly.

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