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Hearing Aid Repairs And Maintenance For Major Manufacturers And Models

At the height of your frustration, you might be tempted to toss your poor-performing or broken hearing aids in the junk drawer along with your other unused electronic gadgets.

Before you do, keep in mind that your hearing aids represent not only a significant financial investment but also an investment into your future health and quality of life.

Whether your hearing aids are under-performing, are broken, or quit working altogether, our hearing aid technicians have the experience and expertise to help get you back on track to hearing what you love. In the worst-case scenario that your device is entirely broken, we have established strong relationships with all major manufacturers to ensure we can find the right solution for you.

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Common Hearing Aid Problems

The hearing aids brought to us because they are malfunctioning or not performing as designed usually have one of the following problems:

Earwax Accumulation: Wax filters and cleaning tools typically come with hearing aids produced by major manufacturers because 20% to30% of hearing aid breakdowns result from earwax accumulation in internal tubing and/or delicate electronic components.

Corrosion from Moisture: Delicate electronic components and moisture do not work together. Moisture leads to corrosion, producing reduced battery life, circuit failures, reduced performance, and/or a complete shut down.

Physical Damage or Defects: A damaged case and/or loose wires from dropping or stepping on a hearing aid are common problems. Even less noticeable issues, like damaged or defective microphones, receivers, tubes, tips, and earmolds, will limit the performance of your hearing aids if not appropriately addressed.

Developing a habit of daily hearing aid cleaning and maintenance helps eliminate earwax and moisture damage and makes it easier to spot physical damage and defects before they become a more costly repair problem.

Hearing Aid Repairs

Regardless of whether you purchased your hearing aids from us or somewhere else, our hearing aid technicians can service most major manufacturers of hearing aids and will let you know if yours is a brand we service. Costs for repair will depend on various factors.

Most hearing aids come with a warranty when purchased new and can be repaired at low cost or without cost. Even if your warranty has expired, it is still possible to repair most hearing aids for a small fee if the damage is not extensive and the age of the hearing aid makes it worth the cost and effort.

In the event your hearing aid is severely damaged and cannot be repaired or is more than five years old, our hearing care professionals will work with you to determine what new, advanced devices would be best for your needs.

Hearing aid being repaired
ReSound One hearing aid closeup

Hearing Aid Maintenance

Daily cleaning is your best bet for preventing the need for repair, but scheduled maintenance also helps improve performance and prevent ongoing issues. However, our regular clean and check service is another way to avoid the costs of repair later.

Our clean and check includes a visual inspection of the microphone and receiver openings to see if they are clogged with wax or other debris. We have a specialized suction machine and other equipment to clear debris from these openings.

Depending on the type of hearing aid, our frequent maintenance may include:

  • Replacing or cleaning the domes and anchors
  • Cleaning the ear mold in an ultrasonic cleaner
  • Changing the tubing for behind-the-ear hearing aids
  • Replacing wax filters
  • Cleaning or replacing microphone covers
  • Listening tests to ensure proper performance

Cleaning, removing moisture, and replacing deteriorating parts can restore your hearing aids to the level of performance you need to continue to hear what you love. Depending on how different individuals use their devices and various environmental factors, we recommend scheduled maintenance every couple of months for some users and a minimum of twice a year for everyone.

Schedule Hearing Aid Repair or Maintenance

Your ticket to hearing aids that perform as designed starts with daily cleaning, but regular maintenance and repair are necessary for getting all the benefits out of your investment into better hearing.

Our hearing aid technicians have the equipment, experience, and expertise to keep you hearing what you love.

Just use the form to schedule a hearing aid repair or maintenance service, and one of our service providers will contact you with the necessary details.

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