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Virtual Appointments Provide The Ultimate Convenience And Safety

The events of 2020 introduced the world to self-isolation as well as made us more aware of the need to rethink how we receive our healthcare and hearing care. Sanitation protocols and social distancing led to a new type of hearing care often referred to as tele-audiology.

Tele-audiology makes use of video conferencing technology to allow individuals to meet with healthcare or hearing care professionals for a face-to-face consultation using their smart phone, laptop, or desktop computer. These virtual appointments are a workable solution for those requiring no-contact hearing care.

A virtual appointment provides a solution even when health concerns are not the issue. Tele-audiology provides a solution to many people in Eastern Washington and Western Idaho, as well as other areas that struggle to find reliable hearing care. Due to travel issues that pop up throughout the year and scheduling complications, many residents in these areas find attending an in-office appointment inconvenient or impossible.

A virtual appointment with one of our hearing care experts allows you to receive the same benefits you could expect in our hearing center. We are here to help when you are experiencing some health problems, facing scheduling challenges, snowed in, out of town for business reasons, or while enjoying your vacation at a seaside resort.

Better yet, many modern hearing aids come with a built-in remote programming feature, which allows your hearing care professional to maximize the performance of your device from a remote location.

Young woman receiving tele audiology care with absolute convenience on her tablet

How Does A Virtual Appointment Work?

1. Set Up an Appointment

To get the ball rolling on a virtual appointment, all you have to do is submit our “Schedule A Tele-Audiology Appointment” form. Our team will receive your request and contact you to schedule the best date and time for your appointment.

2. Confirmation Email

Once we find the date and time that fits your schedule, we’ll send an important confirmation email. Your confirmation email will serve as a reminder for your appointment, include information to set up and test the camera and microphone on your device, and have the link needed to connect to your virtual appointment.

3. Connect to Your Hearing Care Professional

When the scheduled date and time arrive, you will need to click on the link provided in the confirmation email. This will connect you to the tele-conference so you can have a face-to-face consultation with your hearing care professional.

4. No-obligation Initial Consultations

Our initial consultations are a 30-minute, no-obligation service we provide to newcomers. These talks allow us to address any concerns and reservations you or a loved one has in relation to hearing loss. We will also review our various treatment options. If you wish to pursue further testing and/or treatment, we will assist you in scheduling a hearing evaluation.

5. Troubleshooting and Advice For Existing Clients

Our existing clients can also take advantage of virtual appointments to receive face-to-face troubleshooting support for their hearing aids, remote programming assistance, or to have other concerns addressed by our hearing care team. You get all the same help you’d receive if you were physically sitting in one of our hearing centers.

Schedule Your Tele-Audiology Appointment

Hearing the life you love begins with a clear understanding of your hearing health. We can help put your mind at ease with a hearing evaluation.

Simply fill in the form with your contact information and preferences, and we will be in touch with you to help schedule an appointment for you or your loved one.

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