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Seven Reasons To Choose Absolute Hearing Aid Center

My mother has never heard so well! Absolute Hearing Aid Center has great prices and great service! I would highly recommend this business!
Kasey Nettleton

1. The Right Choice For The Large Majority Of Hearing Losses

The large majority of people with a hearing challenge just need a helping hand – they don’t need a doctor to conduct a multi-point inspection, test their balance, and check their cognition. Instead, they just require a little bit of amplification and support in certain environments.

If you’re one of these people, listen to the thousands of locals who testify that we’re the group you should work with.

As experts in all aspects of hearing technology, we understand what you truly need and can make the best recommendations based on your circumstances and needs.

2. 45 Years Of Combined Experience Supporting Our Community

You wouldn’t want to ride on a pilot’s first flight or be a surgeon’s first patient. We all want to work with somebody who has been there, done it, and got the t-shirt, time and time again.

By partnering with Absolute Hearing Aid Center, you’ll be working with a local group with a trusted and respected reputation of helping thousands of people like you hear the life they love.

3. You’ll Be Working With A Small Local Independent Business

We all know that small businesses are the lifeblood of this country. By choosing to work with an independent business, you rest assured that you’ll receive the small and local service that continues to inspire hundreds of people to come through our door

4. Experts On All Levels Of Technology

Every person that we meet has a unique set of circumstances.

It could be their lifestyle and needs, it could be their unique style and vanity concerns, or it could be their budget. Our job is to ensure that we recommend the right solution that is unique to you.

To achieve this, we partner with all major hearing aid manufacturers, have great industry relationships, and meticulously study all the latest developments.

This ensures that you’ll be matched with the perfect hearing devices without any limitations.

5. Our Absolute Veteran Promise

Having served our country in the US Navy before becoming a hearing care professional, owner Ryan Kyle, AAS-HIS made it a mission to ensure that our local veterans receive the hearing care help they need.

With the VA offering hearing benefits but often with a long waiting list, Absolute Hearing Aid Center offers an alternative solution for veterans that want to access great hearing technology and the greatest service through an independent clinic.

With perks including complimentary batteries, cleanings, and a friends & family program, we’re here to support all local veterans with any hearing challenges that they may be having.

6. In-Home Service Available

This community means the world to us, and there are many wonderful people who struggle to travel to us. That’s why we regularly do home visits to ensure that everybody has access to great hearing aids and other services, regardless of circumstance.

With relationships with many assisted living facilities, local companies, and many independent people – all you have to do is ask!

7. Three Convenient Locations

With comfortable offices in Spokane Valley, Coeur D’Alene, and Sandpoint – you can receive hearing help in any of our three locations with our team traveling and spending time at each office.

Entrance of Absolute Hearing's Spokane Valley hearing center

What Does “Absolute” Mean?

We’re often asked where our name came from and what “Absolute” means.

Well, the truth is, we chose this name as we wanted to be one of the first hearing care clinics in the alphabetically arranged phone book.

Since phone books are mostly a thing of the past, this should give you some indication of how many years we’ve been helping the people of Spokane Valley, Coeur D'Alene, and Sandpoint to hear better.

But as time has progressed, and thousands of local people have walked through our doors, the meaning has truly found new purpose as we have developed a reputation for delivering ABSOLUTE service, ABSOLUTE support, and ABSOLUTE better hearing.

Today, we have the pleasure of continuing to meet wonderful people, helping them to hear the life that they love and being by their side on their journey to better hearing for life.

Meet Your Trusted Local Hearing Aid Experts In Spokane Valley, Coeur D'Alene, And Sandpoint

When you choose to work with a hearing professional, you don’t want a big team that juggles you around and sends you to a different person each time.

Instead, you want a human-to-human relationship for the long term.

Our small yet vastly experienced team is focused on helping you achieve better hearing, just like they have helped thousands of local people on the same journey.

Dr. Dan and Dr. Ryan of Absolute Hearing Aid Center

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That’s why we’re on hand to help.

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