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See Why Everyone Loves Absolute Hearing Aid Center

“After I suffered from hearing loss, my mother, who is a satisfied hearing aid user, recommended Absolute Hearing Aid Center. Absolute Hearing Aid Center made my trip from Vancouver, WA well worth the effort. They had me fit with some RIC hearing aids in less than an hour and I was on my way home. The hearing aids are very light and are amazing. I forget I have them on. After a year of use, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and can’t recommend Absolute HAC enough.”

~ Richard F.

“These Resound LiNX have been wonderful. Because they are wireless, I can use my phone hands free and I hear much better. Although initially hesitant, I wear them gladly every day. Thanks Dan and Ryan!”

~ Linda T.

“Once again I am able to hear what is going on around me. I don’t have to say the WHAT word anymore. So, I say “THANK YOU! ABSOLUTE HEARING” and my family says the same! Also, you can throw my old hearing aids away, they are useless! Very grateful,”

~ Judy

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