Hearing protection is an issue that every hearing specialist wishes people would take more seriously. After all, millions of people experience hearing loss and related issues like tinnitus when they could be prevented.

While most people implement suitable hearing protection at work, they forget to extend this level of care into their recreational lives. Whether it’s earplugs or ear defenders, wearing suitable hearing protection during hobbies that expose your ears to potential dangers is essential. Here are four situations that require where you must not ignore it.

Playing music 

We all listen to music daily without fear of hearing loss. However, when playing instruments like electric guitars, the sound levels will often surpass 70db. Therefore, hearing protection should be used whenever playing loud music or attending gigs where you will be exposed to extreme noise. Or else, you could experience ringing, followed by permanent hearing loss.

If working in music production, it’s important to wear suitable hearing protection when mixing too. The frequent exposure to loud noises cannot be ignored, even if the sounds don’t reach the same dB levels as aircraft or heavy machinery. Whether you are a casual or professional musician, custom earplugs or earmuffs will have a positive impact.


Loud noises aren’t the only potential threat to your ears and general hearing health. Bacterial infections can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss as well as tinnitus and other conditions. Swimmer’s ear is one of the most prevalent examples and is caused when water is trapped in the ear canal, which creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

You can significantly reduce the risks of developing swimmer’s ear by wearing earplugs. Whether custom molds or off-the-shelf solutions, you can stop moisture from entering the ear canal to prevent infections, blockages and related issues. All frequent swimmers should, therefore, add hearing protection to their attire.


Recreational shooting is a hobby that requires several safety precautions, and the importance of suitable hearing protection should be at the top of your checklist. Whether shooting clay pigeons or targets at the local range, it doesn’t matter. Gunshots are notoriously loud, even when firing skeets or rubber bullets. You must wear suitable protection.

The gunshot noises can be reduced by using a noise reduction attachment. Even so, ear defenders should be worn in virtually all shooting environments. Wearing items that have Bluetooth connections will allow you to communicate with other people. This allows you to protect your ears and retain the full social benefits of this incredible hobby.

Driving loud vehicles

When driving your standard family saloon, you won’t need to worry too much about hearing protection. However, this all changes if you are into driving supercars around the track or taking on extreme challenges like rallying. The engine noises and extreme speeds will leave you exposed to potential damage unless you wear suitable hearing protection.

Motorbike riders should pay special attention to hearing protection as they are out in the open, meaning even greater exposure to sounds from their vehicle and others. Comfortable earplugs are, therefore, an essential feature that should be worn for every ride. As with all of the other hobbies above, it’s better to be safe than sorry.