Hearing loss is something that you might not notice you have at first. For some, hearing loss can be a gradual occurrence that takes place or one that doesn’t seem noticeable for you but may be for others. Having an understanding of the signs can be helpful when it comes to recognizing hearing loss in yourself or in others.

Turning up the radio or television

When it comes to the radio or television, we might turn up the volume in order to play our favorite songs or getting that movie experience from the comfort of our own home. However, if you find yourself turning up the volume on a regular basis and keeping it at that level because it’s a comfortable level, then it might be a sign that there’s something not quite right with your hearing quality. 

There are levels on the volume of your radio and television that others may deem too loud and you might be exceeding them on a daily basis.

Not hearing quiet sounds in daily life

Missed the doorbell recently? Or perhaps you’ve not noticed your phone going off when it’s in the same room as you. Sometimes this can be a thing that everyone misses on occasion but if it’s one you’re doing regularly, then it might be that your ears aren’t picking up the quieter sounds.

For those who have moderate to profound hearing loss, softer sounds are going to be harder to hear and that might be something to look out for when it comes to hearing loss.

Struggling to understand conversation

Conversation can be easy to pick up when you pay attention to someone’s lips. That’s one thing you may need to do when in a noisy environment and perhaps there’s loud music playing in the background. However, if you’re in a social environment that’s fairly normal in noise levels and you’re struggling to pick up a conversation that’s being said, then this could be a red flag. Asking those you’re speaking with to repeat themselves is a sign that you might not be able to hear properly when others talk at a normal level.

Pain in the ear or tinnitus

Pain in the ear can be a sign of hearing loss, as well as dealing with tinnitus whether it’s on a regular basis or it’s occasional. Ear trauma can lead to hearing loss and so it’s worth paying attention to any ear-related problems you’ve had or experiences when it comes to tinnitus. Tinnitus can be a symptom of an underlying ear problem.

You work in a loud environment regularly 

And finally, your workplace is something to consider. If you work in a particularly loud environment, pay attention to how well protected your ears are and if they aren’t at any periods, this could expose them to damage. It may only take one or two occasions to do permanent damage.

Knowing these signs can be extremely helpful in getting assistance from a hearing health professional if and when it’s needed.