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Hearing Health Resources

Questions are common from patients that are dealing with hearing issues. It’s a brand-new world, and for some, the changes can be overwhelming. Absolute Hearing Aid Center can answer the questions you need related to hearing health and devices. For general knowledge, the resources below serve as a good start.

Consumer’s Guide to Hearing Aids

With all of the features included in a modern hearing aid, making a decision isn’t easy. New and experienced users can benefit from going through a hearing aid guide. It details some of the essential innovations of hearing devices. With enough information, making comparisons of the best models will narrow down favorites. A guide is one of the best references to have when getting a new product to help with hearing loss.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is a chance that patients forget to ask important questions during an appointment. Some questions are so small that users feel they shouldn’t bother professionals. The office doors are always open for hearing questions of all types. Users that want a quick answer can always browse the FAQ for the most common areas of interest. This includes coverage for hearing services, products and accessories.

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Different Types of Hearing Loss

Conductive, sensorineural and mixed are the three main hearing loss types. Since hearing loss is different for each individual, knowledge is a powerful weapon to have with treatment. Knowing how hearing is affected will help make decisions on treatment choices. All three types of hearing loss come with their own set of symptoms, so sufferers require accurate test results. Mixed is the more complicated of the three, and combines symptoms from conductive and sensorineural hearing loss.

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Sounds in the ear that only the sufferer can hear is called subjective tinnitus. When that sound can be heard by an outside observer, it is known as objective tinnitus. The other two forms of tinnitus are known as neurological and somatic. The only type of tinnitus that has a chance of being completely cured is objective and some forms of temporary tinnitus. For the other conditions, modern treatment options help the individual block out the distracting sounds of the condition. The common sounds heard with tinnitus are buzzing, clicking, whistling and whooshing.

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