These days electronic devices are everywhere. They are getting cheaper all the time, and operating them is becoming second nature. How often do you read the instructions on a newly bought electronic device? Much of the time the process is intuitive. But hearing aids are different. You need to know how to look after a hearing device for it to function properly. 

Ask your HIS questions 

Getting a hearing aid isn't exactly the same as buying a new cellphone or smartwatch. There might be some similarities, but a hearing aid is something you will wear continuously throughout the day and optimized for best performance. That's not easy to do if you aren't clued up on how the device actually works.

When you have your hearing device fitted by a hearing instrument specialist (HIS), you have the chance to ask all the questions you want about how the device works. Your HIS will set aside plenty of time for you to ask for advice on hearing aid storage, hearing aid cleaning, and hearing aid functionality. These days, hearing devices are sophisticated, so it's worth learning all the tricks. 

Try before you buy 

There's nothing worse than an item of clothing that doesn't fit properly or chafes when you have to wear it. Think of an ill-fitting suit or dress you need to wear for a formal occasion or a pair of shoes one size too small. A hearing device is something you will wear all day, every day, so it needs to be comfortable. 

When you have your hearing device fitted by your HIS, you get the chance to discuss the fit and practice installing it. Whether your hearing device is internal or external, it's vital that your fit is comfortable and stable. You don't want it to chafe, but equally, you don't want it to constantly fall out. The fitting process will resolve these issues. 

You learn to maintain them

Like any electronic device, a hearing aid needs to be properly maintained to function properly and last. If you neglect to look after a hearing aid, it can become clogged up with wax and lose its efficiency, or its battery life can become ineffective due to mismanagement. This will ultimately impact your hearing. 

When you have your hearing aid fitted by a professional HIS, they will show you how to maintain the device, so it functions optimally and works properly for its expected lifetime. Your HIS will show you how to clean it properly and charge it, so the battery doesn't weaken. They will also show you how to store it, so it doesn't get damaged when not in use. 

It might be tempting to have a hearing device delivered from an online store and fit it yourself, the same way you would buy a cellphone. With a hearing aid, however, you need to know it fits comfortably and how to operate its many functions. The best way to ensure you have a comfortable and hearing device that you understand is to have it professionally fitted by a hearing specialist.