How do you know if you need to have a hearing test? It's a good idea to have a routine test every year or two, but sometimes there might be a more pressing need to get your hearing tested. If you're having trouble hearing things, getting your hearing tested will find the cause, whether it's temporary or permanent. However, you might not always realize that you're not hearing as well as you used to. There are some signs that you can watch out for in yourself and in other people.

You've turned the volume way up

Has the volume on your TV, radio, computer, phone, or other devices slowly crept upwards over the last weeks or months? If you have found that you need to keep turning the volume up to hear better, it could be due to a hearing issue. It might just be a buildup of earwax, but it could also be permanent hearing loss.

You have to ask people to repeat themselves

Talking to other people can show several signs that you might need to get a hearing test. If you need to keep asking others to repeat themselves when they're talking or speak louder, it might be because of hearing loss. Of course, if this is only happening with one person, it could just because they are speaking too quietly or mumbling.

There have been some misunderstandings

Another consequence of not being able to hear people speak as clearly is misunderstanding what they're saying. Have you heard someone say something to you and it has made absolutely no sense? Or maybe you thought you heard them correctly, but it later causes a misunderstanding or argument because you didn't actually hear what they said. These could be signs that you need a hearing test.

You get tired when talking to people

Talking to people can also be very tiring if you're experiencing hearing loss, especially when you're in a place with a lot of background noise. You have to concentrate harder in order to be able to hear them, which takes up a lot of your brainpower. In fact, this might be one reason that hearing loss has been linked to dementia. If you're struggling to participate in conversations, schedule a hearing test with a hearing instrument specialist.

You've missed calls, doorbells, or alarms

Hearing loss could cause you not to hear things such as the phone ringing or phone notifications, doorbells or knocks on the door, alarms, and other important noises. Some of these sounds can be essential for your safety. For example, what if you were unable to hear your oven or smoke alarm making a noise? Get your hearing tested if you're having trouble with these things.

You have to turn to hear things

Do you have to reposition yourself to hear things correctly? This could be a sign that you have hearing loss in one ear, or are experiencing it more in one ear than the other. A hearing test will determine what might be happening.

Book a hearing test with a hearing instrument specialist if you notice any of these signs, and get your hearing tested.