Selecting the right hearing aids for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. You might be inclined to google, but you will have many options presented to you, making you more confused. It is advisable to visit a hearing instrument specialist (HIS) who will help you make a sound decision. They may recommend you use in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids to improve your hearing abilities.

 ITE hearing aids are of two kinds:

  • Full shell: Covers most of the bowl-shaped part of your ear.
  • Half shell: Covers only the lower part of your ear.

Here are some benefits you will reap from ITE hearing aids:

Well Designed for a Better Fit

If you are looking for hearing aids with a good fit, ITE hearing aids are ideal. All in-the-ear hearing aids are custom made, and since they have to sit in your outer bowl, they must fit well to avoid falling out of your ears when you move.

So, when you go to your HIS for help, they will take your ear’s mold impression and take it to hearing aid manufacturers who will create the perfect fitting case for you. The best thing about well-fitting ITEs is that they limit feedback risk. And because these hearing aids fit naturally in your ear, you can use your earphones and phones naturally without interfering with them.

They Are Comfortable to Use

One of the main advantages of ITE hearing aids is that you can recess them against your ear to use various receivers with your aid in place comfortably. While you may want your hearing aids to be compatible with your lifestyle, comfortability should be at the top of your considerations.

Simple Yet Convenient

Unlike other aids, the ITE hearing aid has all its components held in the case that you put in your outer ear. This is good because it does not have external wires and tubes that can pose as vulnerable to breakage. Additionally, due to their large size, they are easy to clean and change batteries. For this reason, they are ideal for kids and wearers with dexterity.

Great Amplification and Sound Quality

Although in-the-ear hearing aids are larger than the in the canal (ITC), they have their unique advantages. For instance, ITE devices can efficiently accommodate dual batteries and amplification components at the same time. So, this will make them a perfect fit for a wide array of hearing loss, from mild to moderately profound.

Additionally, since most in-the-ear hearing aids use a dual-microphone system, they have better sound clarity than other hearing aids.

They Are Easy to Hide

Some hearing aid wearers might feel self-conscious about wearing visible devices. Although ITE hearing aids are not entirely invisible, they are not eye-catching to a looker, especially if you have long hair. They are easy to camouflage because, unlike the behind-the-ear hearing aids, you will have no external components outside your ear.

Truthfully, there are no specific hearing aids that suit everyone. However, in-the-ear hearing aids are popular for a reason. But that does not mean that you need to purchase ITE hearing aids on your own. It will be best if you consult your HIS on the most suitable aids for you.