We all need to look after our hearing, but some people need to be extra careful. If you’re a musician, then you’ll need to ensure that your hearing is as good as possible. After all, it will influence your ability to hear the music that you’re creating. However, musicians are also at an increased risk compared with other people in the population. In this article, we’re going to run through the ins and outs of why musicians need special hearing protection to protect their ears.

Why Musicians Need Hearing Protection

It’s recommended that people wear hearing protection when they go to concerts. But most people only go to a concert every so often. If you’re a musician, then you might be going to concerts multiple times a week, only you’re the one on stage. And just because you’re on the stage, that doesn’t mean that you’re at any less risk of hearing damage than people in the audience. In fact, you’ll be at greater risk because you’ll be closest to the speakers. And repeated exposure to the loudness of those speakers can result in hearing damage.

It’s not just professional musicians that need protection. There doesn’t need to be an audience for hearing damage to occur. If you’re practicing music at a loud volume, then you’ll also be at risk of hearing damage. This damage can be felt on a short and long-term basis. If a person is repeatedly exposed to loud noises, then there’ll be a risk of long-term hearing damage. 

How Musicians Can Protect Themselves

It’s never too late to begin protecting your hearing as a musician. Even if you’ve been playing for years unprotected, that doesn’t mean that you can’t protect yourself now. There’s no shortage of hearing protection available to purchase. 

There are specific ear protection buds made with musicians in mind. If you don’t have them, then you can also use other forms of hearing protection. For example, custom earplugs will help to protect your ears. They’ll provide a decent level of protection that prevents all that loud noise from going straight into your ear.

Signs You Should See a Hearing Instrument Specialist

If you’ve been playing music for a long time without wearing hearing protection, then it’s possible that you’re experiencing some damage. The main symptom of hearing problems in musicians is tinnitus. This is when you hear a buzzing or ringing in your ears. If you have that, or you think you may be experiencing hearing loss, then it’ll be best to book an appointment with a hearing instrument specialist.

Treatment Options

There are plenty of treatments available for people who have hearing issues. One of the best treatment options is prevention, which is why an hearing instrument specialist may recommend wearing hearing protection if you have tinnitus. If you have hearing loss as a result of exposure to loud noise, then the hearing instrument specialist may recommend a hearing aid for you to wear. There are several options available, including ones that sit behind the ear, in the ear and in the canal.