For most people, having a hearing test isn’t something they think about too often. We take our ears for granted, mostly, until we begin experiencing hearing loss. If you are experiencing any abnormalities in your ears, such as tinnitus, hearing loss, ear discharge, dizziness or any other hearing-related symptom, you should book a hearing test right away.

Having your hearing tested can provide answers beyond just hearing loss information. Your hearing health professional can learn many different things from a hearing test, and in this article, we will be delving into why hearing tests are so important for adults to have regularly.

Three things you can learn from a hearing test

A hearing test doesn’t just inform you of your hearing loss, although this is useful information in itself! Here are three other crucial findings that can be learned from having a hearing test from a hearing health professional.

Which part of your ear is being affected

Your ear is made up of delicate bones, fluids and skin that all work in harmony so you can hear clearly. If you are experiencing hearing loss, there are many potential reasons for this to be happening – and as part of your treatment, your hearing health professional needs to determine which part of your ear is being affected.

Using testing such as bone conduction testing and tympanometry, a hearing health professional can isolate the symptoms to a certain part of the ear – the inner or middle ear. Sometimes, both areas are affected; this is called mixed hearing loss. If your eardrum is damaged, either temporarily or permanently.

Your eardrum is the central tenet of your hearing – if it is damaged or not moving properly, this will cause hearing loss. Using various hearing test methods, including speech testing and tympanometry as well as a physical examination, the hearing health professional can determine whether or not your eardrum is damaged and can estimate the severity of this damage too.

Which treatment or assistance you might need, going forward

Ultimately, a hearing test is performed in order to figure out what’s going on, and provide you with the right treatment or assistance in the future. If you avoid a hearing test, you could be making life harder for yourself, while putting further strain on your hearing health too. After conducting their tests, the hearing specialist can work with you to provide guidance and support for your hearing health.

When should I book a hearing test?

If you are an adult who has never had a hearing test, it is wise to book a general hearing test so you can see where you’re at with your health! If you are experiencing any hearing loss, even if this is mild, you should book a hearing test right away.

In general, it is wise to visit a hearing health professional every few years at least. Ultimately, your hearing health is a hugely important part of your overall quality of life, so it is essential that you take it seriously.